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2012 ENERGY STAR® Program Requirements for Integral LED Lamps

ENERGY STAR® Program Requirements for Integral LEDLamps Partner Commitments Eligible Organizations: Manufacturers and Distributors of Integral LED Lamps Commitment The following are the terms ofthe ENERGY STAR Partnership Agreement as it pertains to the manufacturingand/or distributing of ENERGY STAR qualified integral LED lamps. The ENERGYSTAR PARTNER1 (PARTNER) must adhere to the following program requirements:Complywith current ENERGY STAR Eligibility Criteria, defining the performance criteria that must be met for use of the ENERGY STAR certification mark onproduct packaging and the testing criteria for integral LED lamps. The Department of Energy (DOE or The Department), at its discretion may conducttests on products that are referred to as ENERGY STAR qualified through thethird-party testing portion of the criteria. These products will be obtained on the open retail or commercial distribution market; Comply with current ENERGYSTAR Identity Guidelines. The guidelines describe how the ENERGY STAR marks andname must be used. PARTNER is responsible for adhering to these guidelines andfor ensuring that all its authorized representatives, such as advertising agencies, dealers, and distributors, are also in compliance; Qualify, orprivate label at least one ENERGY STAR qualified integral LED lamp model within one year of activating the integral LED lamps portion of the agreement.

WhenPARTNER qualifies the product, it must meet the criteria in effect at thattime; Provide clear and consistent labeling of ENERGY STAR qualified integralLED lamps. The ENERGY STAR certification mark must be clearly displayed on thefront or primary display panel of the product packaging, on the PARTNER’S Internetweb site where information about its ENERGY STAR qualified models is displayed,and in qualified product literature (e.g., catalogs, user manuals, spec sheets,etc.); Provide to the ENERGY STAR Integral LED Lamp Program contractor, on asemiannual basis, an updated list of its ENERGY STAR qualified integral LEDlamp models. PARTNERS must inform the ENERGY STAR Integral LED Lamp Programcontractor, in these updates if any existing qualified integral LED lamp modelshave been modified or have updated test data or reports, revised model number sand/or retail product numbers, or will be discontinued or phased out and thetiming of such. PARTNER will provide these ongoing updates in order to remainon the list of participating ENERGY STAR integral LED lamp PARTNERS; Notify theENERGY STAR Integral LED Lamp Program contractor within 30 days, if thedesignated supplier of any qualified private labeled integral LED lamps changesto a new supplier. The PARTNER is required to submit, in writing or through an online product qualification tool, updated Private Labeler Qualification information that identifies the new original equipment manufacturer, specificmodel, and packaging information; For each qualifying integral LED lamp model,provide to the ENERGY STAR Integral LED Lamp Program contractor accredited laboratory test data reports for the specific model(s) to certify that the lamp(s) have met the required safety and performance tests criteria.

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